Church in Action-Serving Opportunities

Church in Action - Serving Opportunities

God's Kingdom depends on people giving their resources, which includes their gifts and time. Prayerfully consider your gifts. How can you best serve Jesus and His ministry? How much time can you give? What are you interested in? What's your passion?

Check out our top serving opportunities, and let us know how you would like to help by contacting the church office at 208-288-2404. We look forward to serving with you. 

Welcome Desk Hosts

Sunday Greeters

Sunday Ushers

IT Tech Crew

Grunt Crew (church maintenance crew)

Caring Ministry

Helping Hands 

Children's Sunday School teachers & assistants

Fellowship Time Volunteers

FELLOWSHIP TIME COORDINATOR: FCLC is seeking a Fellowship Time Coordinator for Sundays. This person would be responsible for coordinating the coffee/snack schedule for fellowship times each Sunday. If you are interested, contact us at: .

GREETERS: If you are a steady or weekly attendee of either service, would you be willing to stand at the sanctuary door and greet folks? You don’t have to shake hands or hug. Just acknowledge people and welcome them. If interested, please contact Paul Graham at: (208) 850-7646 or  and let her know your preference of early or late service, as well as months available/not available.

WELCOME DESK HOSTS: If you are a steady or weekly attendee of either service, please consider helping out at the Welcome Desk on Sunday mornings by greeting our guests and visitors and answering any questions they might have about Friendship Celebration. Interested in serving? Contact Joan Hammerson at  

Sunday Snack Signup:  Sign up to bring snacks for Sunday morning fellowship time.