Life Groups at Friendship Celebration

Life Groups at Friendship Celebration are all about being a disciple of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

A Disciple is . . .

  •  Following Jesus (head)
  • Being Transformed by Jesus (heart)
  • Joining in the Mission of Jesus (hands)

 A Life Group is . . .

  •  A small, safe group of 3 to 12 people :
  • All are warmly welcomed.
  • Led by a spiritually mature leader.
  • Meets weekly or biweekly.
  • Where everyone can be real, open and honest with their struggles and victories.
  • Where what is said in the group stays in the group.
  • Where everyone is valued during discussions by listening to what is being shared.
  • Designed to branch and grow

 What happens in a Life Group?

  •  Relationships are developed.
  • Fellowship and outings.
  • Service to the community.
  • The Word of God is explored though storytelling and discussions.
  • Life applications are made.
  • Prayer and praise.

 For more information, contact our church office or click here for a current listing of life groups available.