Sunday Morning Studies

Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so." Acts 17:11

Sunday Morning Adult Studies

9:45 AM - 10:45

Friendship Celebration offers Bible studies as well as studies that are relevant to enable us to be Christ's disciples. While being present for the entire series is nice, come in when you can. We encourage your attendance!

Summer Quarter Classes

(June 9th-to September 1st)

Class: Ephesians (Continued)
Pastor Tom Hausch
Description: :
This class speaks of the incomparable power of God. It focuses on what God’s great power has done for believers. Paul writes of the gracious plan of salvation that God conceived in eternity, implemented in time, completed on judgement day, all of this is God’s gift! Resource: The Bible ESV

Class: Adult Special Needs
Jack Hansen & Neal Lindemood
Miracles in the Bible Resources: The Bible

Class: Women’s Bible Study Dance Stand Run

(Class runs June 9-July 14)

Leader: Joan Hammerson
Have you ever considered what really inspires you to action? If the collision of YOU and God's commission peaks your interest, this is the study for you. Redefine what grace, holiness, and living on mission really mean in your daily life. Dance, Stand, Run is a six-session video Bible study for any woman longing to change the world rather than be changed by it. Resources: 6-week DVD series by Jess Connelly.

Class: Women’s Bible Study Taste and See

(Class runs July 21 to Sept. 1)
Leader: Joan Hammerson
Discover the Secret to Savoring Every Day. The Psalmist declared, "Taste and see that the Lord is good" (Ps. 34:8), In this 6 week DVD study series, we will take this invitation literally embarking on a global culinary and spiritual adventure descending 410 feet into a salt mine, baking fresh matzo at Yale University, harvesting olives off the Croatian coast, and tasting succulent figs at a premier farm—all to discover the truth in such a simple verse. With each person encountered, the questions is asked, "How do you read the Scripture in light of what you do every day?" Their answers will change the way you read the Bible forever… and the way you approach every meal. Resource: The Bible and Margaret Feinberg’s DVD series..

Class: Selected Psalms (Head, Heart, Hands)
Leader: Matt Holmquist
Each week we will study a different Psalm.  Participants are encouraged to read through the assigned Psalm each day and reflect on the head/heart/hand questions that will be provided. We will discuss the Psalm in class the following Sunday, but the purpose is as much meeting with God daily as it is discussing His Word on Sunday.  The Psalms to be covered and the head/heart/hands questions will be provided in advance.  Resource: The Bible (ESV)

Class: Christ Revealed
Pastor Matt Henry
There is so much evidence to consider within the Bible. This 2017 DVD “Christ Revealed” by Dr. Patrick Getempo features the archaeological, historical and scientific facts that confirm the claims of scripture. We’ll hear from experts in each field deliver solid answers to hard questions. We’ll also hear testimonies of people who were transformed by God as they encountered the evidence from and for the Bible. Test the Word—it can handle it! Resource:  DVD by Dr. Patrick Getempo.

Class: Language Study Hebrew Part 3

Leader: Linda Varnes 

Description: Are you interested in learning some of the languages of the Bible? We will be studying the Hebrew letters. Resource: “Finding Yeshua in the Hebrew Alphabet” by Linda Varnes, “I Know a Little Hebrew (and his name is David)” by Linda Varnes.