Worship Team

Worship Teams - Sunday morning services

The morning services are led by four regularly scheduled teams and one 5th Sunday team of singers and instrumentalists (week one , week two etc.)  Most of them serve only one Sunday per month, but they are scheduled for both services on that Sunday.  For example, we usually have three or four vocalists, and a combination of instruments including piano, guitars, bass guitar, violin, and drums.  Occasionally the organ, trumpet and keyboard round out the dynamics required by the church year themes.  We rehearse once a week (either Weds. evening or Thursday evening depending on the schedules of the singers/accompanists…and whether it is choir season or not which mixes things up.) Blended worship is a good way to describe our services, and because talented individuals come and go in our mobile society, our teams are loosely structured under the leadership of Linda Hausch. If you wish to bless us with your musical gifts, just contact Linda.