Friendship Celebration

No Jr/Sr High Youth Group-Memorial Weekend

Sunday, May 24, 2020, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church, 765 E. Chinden Blvd., Meridian ID, Meridian, ID US 83646

Coordinator: Brett Lindemood |

The Jr/Sr High Youth Group will meet for Kickball. Please note that the CDC & Idaho's guidelines for social distancing will be strictly adhered to. Please keep the following guidelines in mind when attending youth group activities.


  1. All youth activities will be outside for the Month of May (possibly extended) due to the need for air flow and to reduce the risk of touching objects inside. This will reduce the need to clean the building and for cross contamination. If there is bad weather we will cancel Youth Group.


  1. All doors will be locked to the building except one entrance and one exit in order to use the bathrooms.


  1. Posters will be put up about proper disinfecting procedures within the bathroom and also for cleaning and disinfecting after people use the FCLC Facility


  1. Face masks are required to attend youth group. We will have face masks to give away if people do not have them. If we run out we will have to turn people without them away.


  1. Anyone who attends will be checked by a thermometer. If they scan 100 or over they will have to go home.


  1. Everyone who attends will be required to wash their hands when they come and when they leave the event.


  1. We will make a record of everyone in attendance in case a COVID19 issue arises.


  1. In our invitations and communications with youth and families for youth group we will remind them to self-monitor and to stay home if they are sick or not feeling well.


  1. Please do not carpool to or from youth group. Only come and leave with people from your family.


  1. We will shut down the drinking fountains and encourage everyone to bring a water bottle with them to Youth group.


  1. We will continue to Meet via zoom each week for those that are not comfortable meeting face to face or if you have to miss Youth Group for any reason.

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