Jesse Tree Advent Devotional Series

Jesse Tree Devotional Series

 The Bible is full of stories that ultimately point to Christ and our salvation.  As a congregation this Advent, we are going to follow the stories of the Jesse Tree.  It is based on Isaiah 11:1, “There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit.”  Each day in Advent is an opportunity for you to read the story and hang a printable ornament from that story on your Christmas tree or a special branch as its own display.  The sermons on Sundays and midweek services will follow this order so we can follow along as a congregation and journey together.  There are also individual and family devotionals for each day to focus our minds and hearts.  


Personal devotions:

Family devotions:

Ornaments and instructions:  


Jesse Tree—Stories that Tell the Story


November 29                 A family resemblance               Genesis 1:26–31 

November 30                 Three trees                                 Genesis 3 

December 1                   New breath                                Genesis 6:11–14; 7:17–8:3; 9:8–13 

December 2                   A big move                                 Genesis 12:1–7 

December 3                   A starry sky                                 Genesis 15:1–6 

December 4                   A ram for a present                 Genesis 22:1–14 

December 5                   A strange dream                        Genesis 28:10–22 

December 6                   A special son                              Genesis 37:1–36 

December 7                   Ten loving rules                         Deuteronomy 5:1–22 

December 8                   A red rope                                   Joshua 2:1–21 

December 9                   A brother rescuer                      Ruth 3:1–4:12 

December 10                 An underdog king                      1 Samuel 16:1–15 

December 11                 A shepherd-king                        2 Samuel 5:1–5 

December 12                 A living temple                           1 Kings 5:5; 6 

December 13                 A powerful fire                           1 Kings 18:17–24, 36–39 

December 14                 A big risk                                     Esther 4 

December 15                 A bright light                              Isaiah 9:2–7 

December 16                 A new parade                             Isaiah 11:6–9 

December 17                 A dark fish belly                         Jonah 3:1–5 

December 18                 The best lion                              Daniel 6 

December 19                 A promise of peace                   Micah 5:1–5 

December 20                 A long silence                             Luke 1:5–25 

December 21                 A time to get ready                   Matthew 3:1–6 

December 22                 A new normal                            Luke 1:26–38 

December 23                 A cool dad                                   Matthew 1:18–25 

December 24                 A long journey                           Luke 2:1–5 

December 25                 A birth announcement            Luke 2:6–21