The Culture of Mormonism

Pastor Matt led this class on the culture of Mormonism.

How can we better understand and respectfully share the true gospel with our LDS friends and family? Before we can share our faith, we must first begin with their viewpoint in mind so we don’t talk past each other. You are invited to learn and discover how the differences of doctrine and even the language shape their worldview and daily life. If you have LDS friends or family, this class is especially applicable!

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The material for this class comes from Truth In Love Ministry. Please visit the TIL webpage for more information their Ministry or how you can help TIL reach more people. TIL's mission statement: "We are a Christian ministry devoted to proclaiming Christ to Mormons and empowering Christians to witness. In addition to offering time-tested training, we provide ongoing support. This includes person-to-person mentoring as well as websites with pages of practical tips, strategies, and witness stories."