Tlucek Family: Haiti



 Our Primary Goal: To faithfully share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through words and actions, to each person (especially each child) who enters our gates

 Our Mission: Maranatha Children’s Ministries was established to serve and minister to children, in the name and power of Jesus Christ, to bring glory to God.

 Our Vision: To provide an environment which will nurture the development of hope, joy, love, mercy and grace in each child’s life; for the healthy development of family and community relationships, future educational and career opportunities, and service to God and others

 God has given us the beautiful challenge and privilege of serving just over 150 students in our school this year. He has provided our needs: Oodles of eggs, cases of bananas, gallons of milk, cases of mac-n-cheese and spaghetti, bags and bags of oatmeal, gallons of honey, tubs and tubs of tomatoes, carrots, avocados, pineapples, and hundreds of pounds of ground beef, chicken legs, peanut butter, rice and beans. Not to mention $5,000 worth of French curriculum. We are SO GRATEFUL that GOD continues to make a way for us.

 We.thank God that He has given us this opportunity to serve the children of Haiti together with Him. We are grateful that He has given us YOU - our friends and family - to minister together with us. Thank you for the many ways you have cared for our families, employees, and the little ones who God has sent our way. We thank God for YOU!

 With much love,

 Byron, Shelley & Sue, Joseph, Benjamin, Dominique and Isabelle Tlucek

 Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns at:

 Our current (challenges) Prayer Needs:

  • Renewing our creche license and updating the children's dossiers with IBESR.
  • Locating and hiring 4 additional Christian teachers who are gifted French instructors.
  • Being gracious and kind to the difficult parents of some of our students
  • Strength to continue advocating for our most "at-risk" children and their mothers.
  • Locating and purchasing a property to build a school building for our school.


Seeking fellow Jesus followers to serve with MCM:

  • Nurse or medically trained person to oversee the medical needs of our staff and students.
  • Administratively skilled office assistant.
  • Teachers for preschool and grade school aged students.
  • Other ways you can partner with us:
  • Sponsor a preschool or elementary school student.
  • Bring a team down to serve and minister to us and/or with us.

Financially - we have a large upcoming expense for rent at the children's home - and ongoing school related expenses for milk (we use 11 gallons each day), peanut butter, diesel, and additional assistance for some of the families whose children we serve.

Maranatha Children’s Ministries is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

All donations are tax deductible.

Maranatha Children’s Ministries

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