Summer Day Camp

Summer Day Camp 

Need something for the kids this summer? We can help!

We will work with you to make Friendship Celebration Summer Day Camp the best experience for your campers and your family. Click here for registration form.


  • are held Monday through Friday;
  • there are nine weeks of camp;
  • you may sign your child/ren up for any or all of the eight weeks of Summer Day Camp fun, friendship, and adventure!  

The Camp Day runs from  9:00 – 3:00 each day. With drop off at 8:30am and pick up by 3:30pm. We also offer Before Care starting at 7:00 am and After Care until 6:00 pm for a minimal fee.

  Each week follows a different Theme (ie:  Outback Camp, Wild Wild West Camp, Ninja Camp, Splash, Camp -- you get the idea!).

While each week differs in the theme, each week does follow the same structure of Bible devotions, drama skits, and fun games and activities. Through our skits and devotion time we hope to foster the Love of Christ to each Camper and their family. “Cabin Groups” are split up between gender and grade levels. There are times for large group activities along with individual cabin group activities.

Day Camp Activities (These options are available weekly):

 Gym Games: Nerf Warz, Tag Games (Pac-Man/Line tag, Blob Tag, Freeze Tag, Captain Potatoe-Chip), Life-Sized Hungry Hungry Hippos, Dart Warz, Red light / Green Light, Cosmic Bowling, Parachute Games

 Field Games: Soccer, Kickball, Volleyball, Nuke’em, Archery Tag, 9 Square in the Air, Gaga-ball.

 Arts-N-Crafts: (This will be based off the weekly themes)

 Green Machine Raceway: We build a race track for Green Machines (We use Ziggle’s of the younger age)

 Court Games: Basketball, Bump, Horse, pickle-ball, Tetherball, Parachute Games

 RC Raceway: We have a miniature RC Car Race Track & this year we are adding a Slot-car Track for the younger campers.

 Imaginarium: (A space designed for kids to creatively play & rest at the same time) Lego Build, Whiteboard Art, Friendship Bracelets,  Story-time, Cartoons.

 Table Games: (This is usually combined with Video Games) Pool, Ping-Pong, Foosball, & Basketball shootout.

 Video Game Room: (We use age appropriate games as an option with enough for 15 campers to be playing at one time. This area is open for one session per day)

 Snack Time: We always offer 2 snack times throughout the day, and have a snack bar open in the after noon with goodies for sale from $0.10 to $0.75.

Two snacks will be provided everyday. Each camper needs to bring their own lunch each day of the week. (This helps us keep our prices low). A snack shack is provided where campers may buy refreshments.

Specialty Camp Activities (These options are week specific - other options may be added):

Archery- Outback Camp                                            - June 11-15

Face Painting- Jungle/Safari Camp                          - June 18-22

Bounce House Jousting- Ninja Camp                     - June 25-29

3D Print Paper Roll Rockets- Space Camp             - July 2,3,5,6

Giant Lego Build - Lego Build Camp                         - July 9-13

Wild West Shootout - Wild Wild West Camp          - July 23-27

Water Challenge Course - Splash Camp                 - July 30-August 3

Giant Slip-N-Slide - Splash Camp                               - August 6-10

 Bounce House - We will bring in different bounce house for every week that reaches 40 campers or more.

The Camp Director is Brett Lindemood, who also is the Youth Minister at FCLC. This year have brought on a new Program Director, Baylee Herridge, to help us provide a better experience to the campers and their families. Other staff includes other adults, college interns, high school counselors, and junior high Volunteers. All have passed a background check and love working with campers of all ages. 

Weekly themes are outlined on the camp registration form. Click here for Summer Day Camp Registration Form.