Our Teachers

Our Teachers

All of our teachers are professionally trained in Early Childhood Education.
​Friendship Celebration Preschool is licensed with the State of Idaho.

Lori Jensen, Preschool Director & 4's Teacher
Lori has been teaching at Friendship Celebration Preschool since 2006.  Prior to that, she was a teacher at Good Shepherd Preschool for ten years.  

"Being a preschool teacher is a great experience.  It is wonderful to watch young children grow, learn, and change throughout the year.  Working at a Lutheran School also allows me to have the great opportunity to tell children who Jesus is and what He has done for them.  What could be better than that?"   

Lori is a wife and mother of two grown children.  

Terri Dockweiler, Lead Educator & 4's Teacher
Terri has been teaching at Friendship Celebration Preschool since 2005.  Prior to that, she was the Teacher Assistant for five years.  

"For many little ones, I'm the first person, besides their parents and grandparents, to teach them about Jesus' love for them.  I also get to help them develop their awareness of themselves and others and how we all fit in our classroom society.  It's very rewarding for me to see their growth and development from Sept. to May.  I enjoy my job very much and am blessed to be teaching God's littlest children."

Terri is a mom to three grown children and a grandmother to two.

Vanessa Wargo, 3’s Teacher & Teacher Assistant
Vanessa began volunteering for the preschool in February of 2022 after relocating from Southern California.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation and Leisure with a minor in Recreational Therapy and a Master’s degree in Recreation Administration from California State University Long Beach.

Vanessa has over 25 years of experience teaching infants and children to swim. Prior to relocating, Vanessa worked for 10+Years at Waterworks Aquatics and Swim School as Director of Training and Development. She has a passion for working with children, helping them find their interests, and preparing them for the big world around them. 

When not working, you can catch Vanessa taking a yoga class, gardening, or spending time in nature or at the Boise River. She currently lives in Star, Idaho.

Kristina Norman, 2's Teacher
Kristina began teaching at Friendship Celebration in 2022. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Dairy Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Her prior experiences include raising her children, organic certification, dairy products processing, and volunteering in her church and community.

“We were pointed to Friendship Celebration by good friends and my children have been thriving. When a position on staff became available, God led me to answer that call. I am overjoyed to help grow the enthusiasm for learning and God’s love in the spirits of our little ones.”

Kristina is a wife and a mother to two.

Karen Malloy, Teacher Assistant
Karen has been a Teacher Assistant at Friendship Celebration Preschool since 2006.

"My grandson, Isaac, attended Friendship Celebration Preschool and my family and I were very happy with the staff and the curriculum, and especially the basic Christian foundation.  Isaac loved coming to preschool!  When the Teacher Assistant position came open, I was interested in becoming a part of the preschool's successful program.  I enjoy spending time in the classrooms, assisting the teachers and getting to know the kids."

Karen is a wife and mother of two sons and a grandmother of five.

Michelle Rickerl, 3's Teacher
Michelle has been teaching at Friendship Celebration Preschool since 2017.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Boise State.  Her previous experience includes Administrative Assistant of Children's Ministries at Foothills Christian Church, teaching Sunday school and VBS.  She has volunteered at her children's elementary school and as a Girl Scout leader with Silver Sage Council. 

"Two of my children attended preschool at Friendship Celebration and the staff was so loving and caring. They helped me and my kids feel comfortable and welcome.   After my youngest child started first grade, I heard there was a teaching position open, and I knew that I wanted to be part of that program.  Friendship Celebration Preschool shares my family's Christian values and I enjoy working with kids and sharing the love of our Lord."