2022-2023 Confirmation & Schedule 

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a process of carefully studying and affirming the basics of the Christian faith.  Youth undergo a two-year confirmation process (usually 7th and 8th grade with some flexibility) to understand the meaning of their baptism.  Confirmation is also available for adults who want to be baptized, partake in the Lord’s Supper and/or join the Lutheran Church.  In either case, confirmation is a personal and spiritual journey.  Through the Word and proper teaching, the Spirit develops and strengthens our faith in Jesus. Confirmation Sunday for our second-year students is May 7, 2023.

1st Year Confirmation Schedule (Sunday at 4:30pm):     

*September 25        Creation

December 4       Moses

*February 26     Birth of Jesus/John the Baptist

October 2            The Fall to the Flood

*December 18         Joshua

March 5               Holy Week

*October 16       Abraham

January 22          David

*March 12          Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

November 6       Isaac & Jacob

*January 29        Elijah

April 2                  Jesus’ Ascension and Pentecost

*November 13  Joseph

February 5          Daniel

*April 16              Paul and the Early Church


2nd Year Confirmation Schedule (Sunday at 4:30pm):                 

*Sept. 25-Intro/Worldview Dec. 4-Ten C’s, 4-6 *Feb. 26-Baptism
Oct. 2-Creed-1st Article *Dec. 18-Ten C’s, 7-10 Mar. 5-Communion
*Oct. 16-Creed-2nd Article Jan. 22-Lord’s Prayer *Mar. 12-Communion
Nov. 6-Creed-3rd Article *Jan. 29-Conf./Abs. Apr. 2-Exam
*Nov. 13-Ten C’s, 1-3 Feb. 5-Baptism *Apr. 16-Exam Review

 * = Parents are encouraged to attend. 

 For more information contact Pastor Matt Henry at  or DCE Tim Kaufmann at